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Anchor Text

Anchor text is the clickable words within a hyperlink, used to direct the user to a different page or section of the same page.

It has become an important part of SEO and content marketing as it can be used to create internal links between pages on your website, helping search engine spiders crawl your site more efficiently and aiding in boosting rankings, as well as providing external link building opportunities which aim to increase domain authority and improve visibility in SERPs.

Why Is Anchor Text Important?

It is also a great way for webmasters and content marketers to guide their readers through related topics or material that could be relevant to them, making for a better user experience overall. For example, you could anchor the text ‘SEO strategies’ within your blog post about content marketing linking off to another article you have written about SEO strategies instead of bluntly stating ‘click here’ at the end of the sentence.

How Do We Choose Anchor Texts?

When choosing anchor texts for use within SEO or content marketing it is important that they are descriptive enough so users and search engine spiders know what they are clicking/crawling into upon selecting it.

The anchor text should provide context without resorting to keyword stuffing tactics (over-using terms related to the target subject) in order keep things natural yet informative. Utilizing multiple variations of keyword phrases can help with diversity when linking.

As well as this, creating a mix of internal/external links (linking internally/externally from other pages on your website) will help boost both organic rankings and domain authority.

Where Else Can We Use Anchor Texts?

Anchor texts can also aid in integrating social media buttons across the page; when using different networks such as Twitter and Facebook, adding anchored text with calls-to-action such as ‘share this page’ can help increase awareness even further when shared throughout other feeds etc.

Alongside URL shares via email etc, anchors texts are now being used more often within Paid Search Ads as an effective way of improving CTRs (click-through-rates).


An example of anchor text in HTML code could be:

<a href="">Example Anchor Text</a>

When this is displayed on an HTML page as a hyperlink, the “Example Anchor Text” will appear as clickable text, which links to the URL given (in this case,